Sleep Update

First of all, let me say thank you to all of you for your encouragement and prayers on our sleeping issues.

After our initial neurologist visit, we were given a chlonidine prescription but it just doesn't work for our boy. He was still waking and screaming for hours. We begged the neurologist for something stronger, and we were given a lorazepam prescription on a temporary basis (it's addictive). This was given to us because we begged for something but also to see if we could "reset" Israel's sleep clock.

Lorazepam worked wonders for him! Israel was sleeping from 7/7:30 pm - 6 am and waking HAPPY! He was a new kid, we were refreshed and happy parents! We all were happier. Last night we tried to switch back to chlonidine and it was a really terrible night, which made us appreciate the respite we've had from his deep sleep the last few days.

We are going to a sleep specialist next week so hopefully we can find a medical solution that will help Israel. We also bought a sleep tent, but last night I was in there with Israel for a few hours and I don't think the security is really an issue. He just can't get back to sleep so he screams and screams.

So... we found a short term solution (lorazepam) and we're hoping for a long-term one. Thanks for praying, keep it up! 


  1. Hi Rebekah, I'm sure you guys have tried everything but we were having these same issues with our son and finally after having some blood work done we found out he has an iron deficiency and that is what was causing all of the issues with sleep. He is on an iron supplement and he's sleeping much better! We tried listing the dosage and the issues came back so went back to the previous dosage and he's sleeping again. I hope maybe this can help!!

    1. I've heard of iron deficiency causing sleep issues in my research! We are doing a blood test this week so we shall see! :)

  2. Excessive medication can cause harm to the babies. So, try not to go for medicines for every issues. Sometimes, sleeping issue is not a big factor. But if you feel that the baby is not having enough sleep at all, then go for some medical tests. Gift of Love Adoption
    is a good licensed agency for adoption service in Florida.

  3. @Giftoflife, I agree that excessive medication is not appropriate for babies. Israel is four years old and we have tried every homeopathic method possible and we are doing a sleep study soon to find the root issue of his lack of sleep. We are getting medical tests done because we want to find out what is causing him to stay awake and scream at night! Thanks for your concern.


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