Trusting God with Israel's Future in NYC

I have to admit that when I think about our move to NYC, one of my biggest sources of anxiety is worrying about Israel. This last week was really hard on me for several reasons, but the weight of Israel's needs seemed to press on me. I've felt overwhelmed and sad at times.

Here's the areas that I would LOVE your prayer:

1. Housing. Finding an apartment that would be accessible for Israel or that I could manage getting into by myself and the kids. We may find a walk-up that I could still handle carrying Israel, a stroller, laundry/groceries and have Edie walk with me. I'd love a first-floor apartment or a building with an elevator. Please pray with me for an accessible home. Also, I'm really praying big for a 3 bedroom because of Israel's sleep issues. He doesn't sleep through the night and I don't want him to wake Edith. Will is going to NYC May 11-13 so please pray for his time to be productive and we can find the perfect apartment!

2. Preschool. I met with his IEP team in Alabama Friday and they have done everything possible to help me have a full plan to bring to NYC. We still have to find a preschool that Israel will thrive in. Not every school is handicap accessible. I spoke for about 25 minutes to a NYC School Board Hotline, and they said that the first round of preschool applications has closed, but we can get on a waiting list for schools near our home when we find it. We will have to call each school and see if it is one that Israel could access (no stairs to the classroom or elevator). Once we find the right school we will have to figure out a new IEP. It's going to be my summer project and it can be a complicated legal process. I'm really praying that this will be a smooth transition and that God is already preparing the perfect inclusive classroom for Israel. I hope that he will be with "typically developing" same-age peers and that he has an incredible therapy team! Please pray for this with us.

3. Changes. Finally, our little man can definitely tell that things are changing. We're selling furniture and decorations, rearranging the house a bit, and under a lot of stress. He knows. He's starting to act out a little and I think it is because he cannot process what is going on. Please pray for peace for him and for lots of patience for us!

Ultimately, we are reminding ourselves of God's faithfulness to us and to Israel. We are confident that God is leading us to Crossroads Christian Church, and that if God is leading us, then He has a perfect plan for Israel too. We know that God loves Israel even more than we do! We are trusting God that even though we can not see the big picture or the future yet, we know that God has been so faithful and detailed in our past.

One of my friends in NYC sent me a picture of this park in Bay Ridge. It is handicap accessible and just two blocks from where our church meets! This was an encouragement to my heart after a heavy week. I can't wait to explore the city and see all of the resources that our family can enjoy!

**And it's not to say that we're not prayerful for Edith's transition, but God has been SO GRACIOUS to us in her sweet disposition and flexibility. We're hopeful that she will do great in the move.**