Friends Visit!

Our dear friends came to visit us! This was the third time Hewan and Makenzie have come to visit (see trip #1 when they were babies, and trip #2 when they were toddlers). We wanted to get in one more visit before we moved too far away for one of these trips!

Each trip has always coincided with Will's school. He's always gone working on PhD stuff so it works out that we can have mama time and playdates! It is really fun and refreshing for me. We always hang with my BFF Brittany, and this time her son "D" was home from Ethiopia too!

Let me stop for a moment right here. Going to the park with Israel is always a challenge. He can't play like a typical kid and sometimes he gets frustrated and I worry about him being left out. These kids fought over who could walk him around the train playground! He giggled so hard and these kids were SO SWEET to him. It makes me cry looking back at how happy he was right here. He's not always happy at the park and these pictures of him grinning just burst my heart.

I just love these kiddos and the families they represent. What an amazing honor that we have three miracle stories of adoption, all together!

I have to say, that in addition to the fact that adoption and Ethiopia bring our three families together, Britt and Makenzie are two of my favorite mamas in the world. They have been such an encouragement to me in the hardest and rawest moments of motherhood. They have supported me and cried with me, validated me and affirmed me when I have felt like a big failure! They have seen my kids when they are hard to love and yet they love us and cheer for us. Not every friendship is like that, and I'm thankful to have two mama friends (and more!) who have decided to sit in the trenches with me. I'm so grateful for that!! Adoption motherhood is not easy, even if it looks like from my posts that it is a perfect and easy life. It's hard some days and I'm thankful for the wisdom and encouragement from other moms! I know that distance will not sever these ties, so even in NYC expect phone calls ladies! :)