Mother's Day 2015

This year for Mother's Day my husband OUTDID himself!!! He gave me a night ALONE at a beautiful local Bed and Breakfast hotel. He came home on a Tuesday night and sent me out the door. I went to the grocery store, got some ice cream and headed to check in.

I read a book by the pool, watched cable TV (The Duggars and Married at First Sight), read a book, and enjoyed the ice cream. I got to sleep through the night!!!! (One of my children does not sleep through the night so I'm up several times a night with that child). I was able to take a bath that night and a long shower in the morning... uninterrupted and not rushed. PRAISES!!!! I even had about an hour of reading my Bible and praying. What a treat!

In the morning Will dropped Israel off at school and he and Edith came to eat the fancy breakfast with me. It was so special. I checked out around 8:30, so it was just a quick "getaway" but so, so refreshing. I posted about it on social media and all the mamas I know gave their support that this was indeed a great gift!

For the actual day of Mother's Day, Will got me flowers and a beautiful letter. I'm so thankful for a family that is worth serving all year long, and that he led the charge to make me feel loved and special.