Edith: 21 Months Old

Edie is 21 1/2 months old. She has a full-blown personality now and I'm just smitten with this girl. She gives me the best snuggles and kisses. She has the best belly laugh and loves to wrestle and be tossed around. She climbs on EVERYTHING. When we had a kitchen table she was always climbing on it.

Edie is definitely a mama's girl through-and-through. For a few weeks I put her in the UCP daycare on Mondays so I could work, and she always had a rough time. When I was out of town for a wedding a week ago, she snuck two pacis into the waiting room with her Dada and Israel when he went to therapy.

Edie waves bye all day long and says it with two syllables "bah-ahh" so we are going to have to work on that southern accent! She loves to drag Israel's backpacks from room to room. She will fill bins with toys and dump them on her head.

Edie LOVES water and making messes. She's currently obsessed with toilets and will put anything in them. She loves using cups in water and painting with water. We took a cup to the pool the other day and she was thoroughly entertained.

The other day on a trip to IKEA she fell asleep in the Ergo and it was the sweetest thing! I miss having little baby-wearing babies. She still gets a paci at nap and at night, and does pretty well without it during the day. I'm not going to attempt to lose the paci until we are settled after our move.

Edie loves using utensils! She's a picky eater in general but loves fruit and carbs. She wants her milk cup all the way full. If she takes a few sips she will ask for more, even if there is milk still in her cup!

Edith pulled this empty drawer out and sat in it all by herself:

She always runs to hug Will as soon as he is home from work, and will bang on the window when she sees him drive up so that he sees her.

Edie isn't very chatty but she does sign "more" and "all done." When she doesn't get her way she can throw a massive tantrum with real tears in about half a second. It's quite impressive actually. She loves her dog-dog and to read books.

Edith LOVES to "clean" and to organize. She is so systematic in the ways that she will take things out of cabinets and line them up. She loves things to be a certain way.

She has been a very great little sidekick. She's a great shopper and generally easy to run errands with. She will hold my hand when we walk around, and she typically likes to sit in the big part of the shopping cart and stand up holding the sides. She loves to stack cans in the cart and organize what I'm buying. She will hand me items to put on the check-out belt.

This girl loves to play hard and sleep hard. If you tell her it is "night-night" time then she will run for the stairs. She loves to sleep! The other day I was packing and had her in front of the TV, when I went to get her to put her down she was already asleep on the floor. She loves her naps and will nap from 2-3 hours each day. She also goes to bed around 7 and will sleep until 7 am!

Edith LOVES being outside and exploring. She was really confused when we got rid of our swingset and we found her wandering out to where it was a few times, because she wanted to know where it went. Edith is really sneaky and quiet. If you call her she won't come running or reply. Most of the time if I don't know where she is, I can find her in my bathroom standing on the sink trying to brush her teeth, or playing with q-tips.

I love you Edie Pete! You're my sidekick and you bring me so much joy!