2.5 Weeks until the Move!

Our days in the South are dwindling, and we are busy, busy, busy. Last week Will and I spent 6 days apart. He was in NYC from Monday - Wednesday on our apartment hunt, and I was in Tuscaloosa from Thursday - Saturday for a wedding. I thought I'd update on a few important things going on with us, especially because so many of you have been praying for us and checking in (which means so much!)

1. Apartment: We found an apartment! We put a deposit down with a broker, but Will has to fly back up next week to sign the lease. He compared his apartment hunting experience to a Seinfeld episode. He saw about 15 apartments and we narrowed it down to two options. We ended up going with an apartment that I LOVE (3 bedrooms in a PERFECT location) but it is on the second floor and does not have laundry. At the end of the day, we figured out we were going to have to compromise on a few things and there wasn't a "dream apartment" with all of my non-negotiable items, unless we were willing to pay way too much. With that said, I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY excited about the one we got! I'll post pictures when we move in. 

2. Israel's School. So, pre-k applications closed in NYC a few weeks ago, and I have heard a lot of conflicting information about what I need to be doing right now to get on a waitlist or beg for a spot somewhere. I was given instructions to call each school to see if they are handicap accessible. There's a cute little pre-k only 2 blocks from our apartment, but it is on the second floor. Anyways, long story short - after talking with about 6 people over two hours, I learned that I can't do anything in advance. Once we get to NYC we can drop off all of Israel's IEP/School stuff from Alabama, with our proof of residence and then we will be assigned a placement officer after he is re-evaluated. So keep praying for this! It's a different world in NYC and the system is really complicated. I'm hopeful that he can still get in a preschool somewhere, but if not he will at least get therapy services. I NEED this to happen! :)

3. Fundraising/Support. We are making progress thanks to the generous partnerships from our friends and a few churches. We are believing BIG in God's faithfulness to provide for our needs. (Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out our website). 

4. Packing Up. Packing is coming along! I've been majorly purging stuff for the last few weeks, and we are having another yard sale this weekend. After that, I'm calling a local thrift store to pick up the leftovers!! I've had a few people come over to watch the kids so I can focus on packing, and that has been a tremendous help. 

All in all, we are getting really excited about the move and this next season. Of course, I cried today when I dropped Israel off at daycare because I love UCP so much and I can't imagine those wonderful people not being a part of our life every day anymore!! I'm trying not to think about the people and places we are losing but thinking that we are GAINING more friends/stand-in family. We already have a trip planned back to Alabama this fall for a wedding, and we have some friends who have scheduled a visit up to us this summer. We know this is not good-bye, but "see ya!" and that makes it easier. Ready or not...we are Brooklyn bound in less than 3 weeks!