Our Very Happy Fourth

Did you all have a happy independence day weekend? We did!

We went to the pool Friday, Saturday AND Sunday afternoon. I also tried to do a little photo shoot with the kids in their festive clothes and.... this happened:

We relocated and they finally calmed down. But the above pictures are definitely going on our fridge!

After Edie's nap, she was ready to ham it up for the camera. She had Israel belly laughing as she climbed all over that chair. I would sit her down, step back to take a picture, and she was on the move. I tried over and over again. She's a mess!

Will took Edie to the fireworks for our town, and she loved it! It was their first daddy-daughter date!

Will and Israel looking for cars (a McGee family daily activity).

We also ate dinner in the back yard! After watching the Nathan's hot dog eating contest, Will was in the mood for some grilled hot dogs... so we got those and watermelon (Edie didn't like the watermelon but Israel LOVES it!).

"Where's Israel?"

I just love these babies!!!

It was a good weekend. One of the ones where you just feel God's grace all over it. Not that every moment was/is amazing, but we're just very thankful for the good ones, and hoping that when we look back on this season - those will be the memories we remember the strongest.