May iPhone Pictures

Here's a photo dump from my iphone of the everyday pictures from May. It was a busy month!

We started the month with a trip to Opelika, where we went to the park for a community event. Dad even stayed up until 10:37 (had to be documented) chatting!

Israel was in the annual report for UCP, along with our friend Weston!

Will officiated a beautiful wedding in Scottsboro!

 Pics from our trip to Scottsboro: Israel ate three donuts for breakfast, we found a great park outside, the kids took lots of walks in the wagon, and they had some diaper-only lounging time at GaGa and Pops house.

 Edie started to look like a big girl. We played in waiting rooms because she's too big to nap during therapy anymore!

Gadsden Mall hangout with GaGa and Pops!

Trip to Oxford Lake Park. What you see are happy park pictures. Real life = we lasted 5 minutes because the kids were OVER IT before we got there. So much for making memories!

 Water table fun!

my internship, got a frappe to celebrate!

My grandaddy died, so we went to NC for his funeral. Upside: I got to see all of my siblings, and the kids had fun playing with their cousins.

(Israel on the road trip up- no he did not drive us)

"Drive-in" movie for the kids at their Aunt Sarah's house on our NC trip:

Annual goal- setting/ review for Israel at UCP center// his therapists & service coordinator: 

Official beginning of summer = pool season!