Lake Fun!

This time last year my family spent a few days at the lake together. We tried to make than an annual tradition to get all 5 siblings together but we managed to get 4/5 of us for a mini vacation at my parents' house!

Scoggins grand babies

Friday we spent the day at the Marriott Hotel in Opelika. There's an AMAZING pool with a splash pad area, water tunnel, and kiddie pool (FYI Auburn area folks- you can rent a room for the day and have access to this pool!). It was awesome for all the grandbabies! We had a birthday dinner for my mom & sis Friday night.

with aunt Sarah
Saturday we headed to the lake and had a day on the water. Israel and Will went in the canoe, like last year, and even got on the sea doo! (Trust me they were going VERY SLOW!)

It was awesome spending time with family and getting to catch up with my siblings in person. My sisters are my BFFs, so it is extra special when we get to hug each other and make fun of each other face to face. Emoji only go so far with affection. :) Love making memories with my family!