April iPhone Pictures

I finally took the pictures off of my iPhone and I figured I could share them here. A glimpse into our lives month-by-month, nothing fancy.

In April we....

Coordinated church clothes:

Took family selfies in front of the mirror in our den (which has since been moved - RIP therapy mirror!).

Held the "Engagies" / award ceremony/leadership banquet for our "Engage" college ministry:

We held our babies extra tight:


Edie got into everything and was proud of it:

Apparently we went somewhere just us, but I have no idea what this picture is from!

Josie's first birthday in Scottsboro:

Edie and Josie became BFFs:

The kids took a selfie with their Nana:

The Kids were adorable asleep, and we fell in love even more watching how peaceful they (can be) at night:

 Israel had a brain MRI at Childrens Hospital in Bham.

Edie at daycare with her buddy Weston:

It was a good month! Thankful for iphone pictures that are quick, kinda blurry, but easy to document memories!