Car Watching on the Porch

I have about 200 pictures of the kids on the front porch this summer. Not joking. We're out on the front porch a lot because it is free entertainment and I can keep the kids corralled there! Thankfully we have a cozy coupe and another car that the kids are content sitting in. 99% of the time they are reaching to press the other kid's horn, but it is easy entertainment! We blow bubbles a lot out there too and shout "CAR!! TRU-UCK!" with our baby Southern accents (ok, mainly Israel). We'll eat our lunches and snacks in the cars and use newfound clapping skills (Edith) to celebrate the passing of cars!

caught mid-yawn in our morning PJs!

If you live in our area, please drive by slowly and often so that our kiddos can get a full appreciation. Feel free to roll down your windows as we clap and cheer you on as you drive past us!