June iPhone Pictures

June... this month went WAY too quickly! This lots of adventures. month we had

Daddy snuggles before bed:

Will went to NYC and met John Smoltz in the airport. It was apparently a life-altering moment.

While Will was in NYC, the kids and I went to Opelika and stayed with my parents for a few days. We took walks, went to the Splash Park, and had good grandparent spoiling!

 The Many Faces of Edie Bat McGee (many nicknames include: Edie the Adventurer, Edie Bat, Diva Princess, and Edie Anna Jones)

The many faces of Israel Biruk. (Eating at Moes {family favorite!}, therapy at home and post-therapy donuts!)

Church Clothes. 

Family Standing Practice.

Best buds watching for cars in their cars on the front porch.

Superstar college student Ashley accompanied us to two doctor appointments for Israel. She even wore Edie in the ergo carrier! Rockstar babysitter/friend!

 Edith demands to be held. 

Israel and I had a date to the pool, just us!

Trip to Opelika/ the lake with my side of the family:

(Not an iphone pic- but saved to my iphone! Here's a grandkid picture from our family gathering in Opelika with the Scoggins side. Edie was SO tired!)

We had a church picnic for volunteers and Israel developed a strong attachment to Shelli. He kept kissing her and flirting with her!

Finished the month with some sewing and crafting. Lots of bows and a pillowcase dress for Edie girl!

Not pictured: a week of Will being in NYC for a mission trip with EngageJSU, me studying for the MSW license, our first UCP poster child event, date day for me & Will, Israel scooting with a poopy diaper and getting poop all over the carpet, and the plumbing bursting in the front yard. Also not pictured: the hours of documentaries (and Revenge) watched on Netflix. I also read 4 books- hooray!