We Like to Meet GaGa & Pops at the Mall

Will's parents live around 2 hours north of us, but we often meet them at the Gadsden mall, which is just 35 minutes from us, and 1 hour and 15 minutes from their house. It's not exactly a fair distance, but when you consider that we have two kiddos, it makes it a little more equal :). It's nice to have a meeting place that we can spend a few hours with them every once in a while. No need to pack up for an entire weekend, but we all still get our family fix!

We met GaGa and Pop in March for dinner at the mall. We love the Gadsden Mall because it has a carousel!

The kids and I met GaGa on my birthday (April 1) for a few hours! GaGa treated me to some new clothes, and she entertained the kids in the dressing room! Of course, Israel rode the carousel. This time we also discovered the toy cars in another section that the kids thoroughly enjoyed!

Can you believe this cuteness? Israel is hugging Edie. 

To top it all off... GaGa made me a homemade cookie cake for my birthday! Happy 27 indeed.