MSW almost done!

It's official folks... I am DONE with classes for my MSW! I only have 3 weeks left of my internship, and then I will be able to obtain my "certificate of completion" until I can actually have my hands on my diploma in August. Back in January, we decided that I would do a very part-time extended placement, thinking I would finish in June. Midway through the semester we figured out it was best for our family to increase my time at work so I could just go ahead and finish! Therefore, I wasn't eligible to graduate in May because I didn't register for graduation earlier, so I will technically graduate in August. That's okay though... I'm almost a Master of Social Work! :)

I am very pleased to say that I made all As in my courses! My favorite class was the psychopathology course I took this semester. I think there is a huge difference in the depth of knowledge from a BSW to a MSW, so I'm really thankful I was able to invest in the education. I can't thank my husband, my friends and family enough for supporting me through this. I'm excited to see what is ahead and hopeful that I will pass the licensure exam this fall when I am eligible! Woo hoo!! It is seriously by God's grace that we have made it through this past year. He is so faithful and I credit the Lord for helping me have the discipline and attention span to write papers and manage time.

This time last year I was just beginning to prepare for my MSW program, and I was unsure of what was ahead- but knew it would take a lot of sacrifice and discipline. How fast a year goes! God is faithful!


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