Mama Snuggles

I have to complain a little bit, because Edie is not the snuggler she once was. She is so busy these days that it is hard to get her to snuggle! Even when she is nursing she is kicking her legs and trying to look around. The other day she woke up early from her nap. I was able to nurse her and she fell asleep in my arms on the couch. It was a rare treat!

Israel, on the other hand, has always been our cuddly boy. He will always rest his head on your shoulder after you get him out of his crib. He is especially snuggly at night after Edith has gone to bed, before we put him down. The other night I just held him on the couch for a while. He's the best kid ever.

I am so thankful for my two blessings! I can't believe Israel is as big as he is now... looking at these pictures it seems like yesterday that he was able to fit in my arms like Edith does. I treasure these sweet kids so much!