Edith: Eight Months Old

Dear Edie,
Our sweet “Edie Bat” – you are the best and craziest girl I know. You make me laugh so much at your adventurous and determined spirit. You are into everything now! You are crawling and rolling into every corner of the house, and if there is something you want, you go after it! You have the funniest crawl as you look like an inchworm. You use your head and feet and stick your bottom in the air as you go.

You are shaping up to be pretty resilient. You have endured a few bruise-worthy mishaps from your brother’s strategic aim during some toy-throwing. The other day he threw something at you, you cried, and when I came in there to respond, he looked at you, looked at me, and then hit you for tattling on him. I’m sorry babe… but it did make me laugh a little. You and Israel are already having classic sibling relationships: sometimes you are best friends, sometimes you pester each other. I’m so glad that you have each other though! You love smiling at each other in the backseat of the car, and you love the same toys (at the same time).

In addition to crawling, your other milestone this month is teeth! You popped a bottom tooth out, and you’ve really done pretty well with it. You also had an ear infection at the same time, so you have been on an antibiotic. I was very relieved that your fussiness and need to nurse 3-4 times a night was related to an ear infection! Once you had medicine, you became the precious, silly girl we know once more.

Making Messes Like It's Her Job
You are still going to daycare, but now you are going 3 days a week instead of two. To be honest, you’ve received a few report cards that indicated you were a little high maintenance. This is when the “Edie P” or “Diva Princess” version of you comes out. You typically are a very happy girl, and although you’ve shown some separation anxiety in the last month, you do well with others aside from me. You always light up when you see me or your dad, and every morning when we get you out of your crib you kick your legs fast and your face lights up! We love that you are such a happy girl!

Therapy waiting room fun
You still have 2-3 naps per day, and you are eating babyfood. We have tried a few “solid” foods that you have chewed up a little, like soft carrots. You also LOVE puffs or cheerios. I can put a handful of cheerios on your high chair and you will be entertained for 30 minutes. You are still nursing several times a day, and I give you a “dream feed” at night when I go to bed, around 9:30/10. You aren’t nursing as long during the day, but that is mainly because you are so busy and get distracted very easily. You love your paci, and we keep at least 2 in your crib because sometimes you like to take one out and put the other in.

We can’t wait to see your personality continue to show. You’re so loved, little girl.




  1. Beautiful name. Beautiful girl. Happy 8 months Edith!


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