Shout Out: The Gray Family

We're David and Ashley Gray. We've been married since 2012. David is a youth minister and I'm an adoption social worker with a faith based non profit. We talked about adoption from the very beginning, even while we were dating. We thought that we would have biological children first then adopt. We were diagnosed with infertility six months after we were married. We did one round of infertility treatment and it was not successful. We felt that God was leading us to pursue adoption rather than be aggressive with treatments. 

In January 2014, we began the domestic adoption process. It's been so neat to be able to see God's hand in this- even in the very beginning stages. Adoption is not Plan B for us- it's simply God's way of growing our family. We're often asked why we are adopting. David says it best: "Why not?? We're adopted by God as His children." Adoption is a beautiful  picture of the gospel. 

We're doing a t shirt fundraiser through Bonfire Funds. We have to sell a minimum of 50 shirts (which we did on day 3!) to receive any funds. We have until March 12 to sell as many shirts we can. Our goal is 200. Our site is ..simply visit our site, order your shirt and they'll be shipped directly to you. 

We're also selling coffee through Just Love Coffee. We receive $5 from every bag of coffee sold. Our storefront site is

I hope you will partner with the Gray family in their adoption journey! If you are interested in a Shout Out on "Yes to Adoption" check this post for more detail.