Two Kids- Six Months In

Six months into parenting two kids, and I have to say it is a full, and rewarding season! Edie is 6 months old now and Israel is 2 years and 4 months. They are really best friends now, and it is so fun to watch them interact and light up when they see each other. Israel loves it when Edith gets close to him and "kisses" him, and is for the most part gentle with her!

They are really funny because they will be playing in the play room together happily while I am doing house work, but if I come into sight they will both start fussing for me to pick them up or fetch an out-of-reach toy. If I stay hidden they will play contently, but if I appear then they can get fussy. Sometimes that allows me to justify hiding from them, because they will be happily engaged otherwise :).

Last week I upgraded Israel full-time to a booster seat so Edith could take his high chair. She had started to wiggle out of the bumbo seat, so it was time for more restraint!

Edith and Israel love taking baths together, so we do it almost every night. They crack up at each other as they splash. We just put Edith in a bath chair instead of her mini bath tub, and she's having fun sitting up reaching for toys and splashing the water with her feet.

We've gotten settled in a routine for the most part. Mondays and Thursdays they go to school while I go to work, and we have at least one therapy or doctor visit or outing on the other days of the week. I'm so thankful for my double stroller, because it is the only way I'm able to get out and about efficiently! I don't go to the store with both kids often, but when I do I wear Edith in the Ergo and Israel rides in the cart.

The kids take naps at the same time mid-day almost every day, so I get at least one hour to do school or house work or eat lunch peacefully! I love it when I have time with just one kiddo, whether it be playing ball with Israel during Edith's morning nap, or giggling with Edie while Israel is taking a long nap. Those moments with just one kid are rare and treasured.

Our house is a mess right now. The kitchen is always dirty, there's always laundry to be washed or folded, and there is a huge pile by the back door of diaper bags and little coats. I rarely have time to do anything "for me" aside from school and taking a shower. My bible reading time is while I pump in the morning. I rarely finish my cup of coffee in the morning, and that is after reheating it 2-3 times. There are times (mainly at meal times) when both kids are screaming and I don't know how I will make it through the next five minutes. There are days where we watch an Elmo episode followed by another episode, because I'm lazy or tired or can't handle the fussing.

I'm not a perfect mom or wife, and the last six months have only highlighted my imperfections and pointed me to the grace that I need to claim. This busy season of grad school and interning and being a mom of two kids has been hard, it has stretched me and challenged me in new ways. There is a deeper love for my kids than I thought was possible. I miss them after being away from them for one hour during nursery at church or small group. I love to watch how they respond to each other and to everything around them. I just want to soak in all of the moments of wonder and beauty that they are. They are at my favorite ages right now- not because they are easy (they're not) but because each day I'm learning more and more about them and getting to celebrate the milestones and tiny accomplishments. Edith is so close to sitting up, and Israel is so close to being mobile and talking. I can't wait to watch how the next months unfold. I'm so incredibly proud and honored to be their mama. They are the best kids, and I feel so grateful and humbled that I get to be in the front row seat of their lives. 


  1. I don't know you personally (I found your blog through a rabbit trail of other adoption blogs), but I just wanted to thank you for your words in the last paragraph. I know it's been awhile since you wrote them, but they are so encouraging to me! I have 2 children the ages of yours at the time of this post, but when I read the title I thought "Oh good, maybe I'll get some good insight from someone who's done this longer than I have!" …and then I realized that I'm already 6 months in and time is crawling and flying by at the same time, and I can't believe it's already been 6 months with 2 kids, and I truly feel like I haven't figured anything out and am usually failing as a mother. And I don't even work outside the home/take classes! So far, I have felt guilty that raising 2 kids is "highlighting my imperfections" as you said, but thank you for helping me realize that it's also "pointing me to the grace that I need to claim"! So uplifting. My husband and I have just recently begun discussing adoption as a "for real" possibility in our future (our 2 now are bio), but I'm wondering if I'm already struggling with 2, how will I ever handle more?? I think God led me here to read what you wrote and give me encouragement, from a mom who has been in a situation similar to mine. Thank you.


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