Created for Care & Empowered to Connect

I am really, really, really bummed that this will be my first year to miss Created for Care, an adoption retreat for moms. I have gone the last three years but just cannot do two nights away from my little ones, especially since I'm breastfeeding. I will miss the community of adoptive mothers and the reunion of dear friends!

Instead of me attending Created for Care, Will and I are both attending Empowered to Connect next weekend. We received a scholarship from Show Hope that not only paid for our registration fees, but for our hotel! It is a bonus because we will be using this overnight trip as our 5th anniversary vacation. Will's parents will watch our babies, and I will get a FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP!!!!! (Sorry GaGa- enjoy the Edith snuggles ALL.NIGHT.LONG).

It's really important to me to stay connected with the adoption world and to be reminded of ways to intentionally parent my children. I'm also excited that my coworkers will be attending ETC and that this conference will count as part of my internship experience!

Are any of you going to ETC in Birmingham, AL?


  1. Ben and I are going to ETC! I went with Micah in 2012 and we loved, so I definitely wanted to go again. Ben and I are halfway through foster parenting classes, so it's good timing too. See you there!

  2. I'm not a foster/adoptive parent (hope to be someday!) but I am a CASA and pediatric nurse, and I have been to ETC is SOOO good. I came away from it saying that ANYONE who could potentially have contact with children from hard places should go! Dr. Purvis is amazing and she has so much valuable information! Enjoy is very worth it, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I learned something new both times I went!


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