Edith: Six Months Old

Dear Edith,

You are six months old! How fast time flies, sweet one. I can't believe you've been a part of our house for half a year!

In the last few weeks you have just become SO MUCH FUN! You are all.over.the.place. You're not crawling, but you are rolling and wiggling and don't like to just sit and snuggle anymore. You're going to be on the move very soon.

You love your brother so much, he is still your favorite person! You have started to be a pesty little sister- you are always messing with him and stealing his toys.

You started baby food this month, and you're getting the hang of it! You still nurse a lot during the day but we're getting more of a routine. You are a growing girl- you weighed 15 pounds 10 ounces last week. You're wearing size 2 diapers, but some of Israel's size 3 nighttime diapers at night! You are wearing 6 month clothes.

This month you experienced your first snow! We only went outside for a quick picture but you sure were cute all bundled up!

You also had a bad cold this month- we went to the doctor and you were rolling all over the mat, ripping up the paper and having a blast. Thankfully it was just a cold and not RSV or croup. I'm glad you're feeling better!

FINALLY you are sleeping in your room! We started a week ago and it was just right for both of us finally. You are doing incredibly well with the transition, and are starting to sleep in longer stretches at night. I'm so thankful that you are an easy baby, but I do miss having you next to me in the pack and play at night! But not enough to move you back... I'm glad you're in your own nursery!

We sort of have you on a schedule for the first time. You typically wake around 6:30-7, nap at 8:30, nap at 12, and sometimes a late nap at 4-4:30. You go to bed between 6:30-7, depending on if you took a 3rd nap. It's great that you're finally getting more of a consistent schedule.

We love you Edie Bat! (That's our latest nickname for you). You are so precious, so silly and so happy. We are so thankful for you!