Empowered to Connect Recap

Last weekend Will and I went to Birmingham, AL for the Empowered to Connect conference. We received a generous scholarship from Lifesong for Orphans that allowed for us to receive free registration and also paid for our hotel and dinner. It was a great gift to us during this financially tight season. Since our anniversary is this month, we decided to celebrate our 5th anniversary on this trip!

The ETC conference is a 2-day, all-day event with Dr. Karyn Purvis, Amy and Michael Monroe, and Dan and Terri Colley. I'd heard Amy Monroe at Created for Care before, but was so excited to hear Dr. Purvis! She co-wrote "The Connected Child" which is a must-read for adoptive and foster families.

The conference met and exceeded my expectations. The presentations were research-based and testimony-driven. I was shocked to find out so much about brain development and sensory processing- it made me understand my adopted son so much more. Will and I left the conference with tangible skills to practice with our son about discipline, redirection, and connection. We even saw results practicing the TBRI methods the next day! I really like the attachment focused methods of TBRI, which you can learn about through The Connected Child. I am also looking forward to picking up The Whole Brain Child to learn more.

If you are considering going to Empowered to Connect, do it! I loved going with Will and knowing that we were BOTH equipped with the same new skills. I'm so grateful for the scholarship from Lifesong for Orphans for making our trip possible, and for Will's parents who graciously watched the kids for us!

(Disclosure: Amazon links are not affiliate links. Although Lifesong gave us the scholarship, all opinions are my own.)


  1. I would love to go to that conference at some point! I have been so blessed by Karyn Purvis' work in our foster parenting.



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