These are my Confessions

Channeling my inner Usher as I disclose my latest confessions:

  • I may have had to count on my fingers to figure out how many days it had been since showering, before taking a shower last night. 
  • This year my kids got 3 presents apiece for Christmas. (Tent, baby doll, BabyLit books, and personalized hooded towels). One of those gifts was a baby gift for Israel that was tucked away in the closet ;)
  • Last year we never even got around to giving Israel his presents because he had so many gifts from family members. We gave him his stocking in March when we found it. 
  • I took down Christmas decorations on the 29th and I'm downsizing my Christmas gear. I decided less is more. Last year I gave away a big box before and after the season, and this year I'm scaling back. That must tell you how much Christmas gear I had to start with! A lot... a whole lot!
  • I'm about to be a single parent for two weeks while Will is gone to school, just like last year. During that time I will start my internship, start my two spring classes, send both kids to daycare (E for the first time!) and Auburn will go to the national championship game (which is notable because without my husband I will not hear/watch a recap of every clip or article posted on the internet). 
  • I'm on season 3 of Parenthood. It is SO GOOD! I cry all the time watching it, especially with the storyline of Max. Adam and Kristina's relationship is my favorite. (NO SPOILERS!) 
  • We are switching pediatricians. I love our new one (I loved the last one too...) and its a WOMAN who is a mom and she gave me a lot of confidence in breastfeeding E and juggling the duties ahead this semester. 
  • I have lots of blog posts in my head but can't seem to motivate myself to upload pictures. I got a Dell computer earlier this fall after my MacBook bit the dust after 5 years. I am not quite PC savvy yet. 
  • I don't even want to go into it yet, but my heart is aching and I feel sick about the drama going on in Ethiopia right now. I can think of several waiting families that have been in the ET process for 3+ years that I'm praying will see God's faithfulness during this mess. 
  • We've kind of jumped on the Essential Oils train. I put Peace and Calming on Israel at night, and can tell a huge difference with his night time. He still gets up crying a few times a month, but less frequently now. 
  • Sometimes it is really, really hard to be a mom. I'm so needed by two very dependent people. It's amazing and exhausting. The kids love their daddy but there is something about a mama that makes them need ME. 
  • I gained at least five pounds over the holidays from all of the sweets and junk that I ate. #noselfcontrol
  • Will ordained his first wedding last weekend! It was for two of our college students, and it was seriously the most elaborate and beautiful weddings I have ever been to. The groom's dad owns an event business so it was so detailed! I didn't really get to appreciate the ceremony because I was down the hall with my two crazy kids. E was crying and Israel was singing and throwing toys/snacks. 
  • It's almost time for the Bachelor and Downton Abbey! Guilty Pleasures... judge if you want. 
  • Over the holidays, we went home to my parents' house one weekend, and Will's the next. We got to go see TWO movies in the theaters! "Saving Mr. Banks" and "Frozen"- both were awesome! We also got to go on a date in Auburn and we walked around campus, ate at familiar restaurants, and didn't have to worry about getting back in time for a babysitter. It was amazing. 
  • Speaking of babysitters, what are your thoughts on this article

OK enough of my randomness... what are your confessions? 


  1. I liked that article about babysitting. I don't have kids yet, but I did a good amount of babysitting as a young teen. Having read the entire Baby Sitters Club series, I think I was a pretty good babysitter (Kid Kit and all!). I like the author's approach of telling them upfront what the base pay will be and how they can earn more. I probably would've done their laundry to earn an extra dollar!

    1. I LOVE that you had a Kid Kit and all! Maybe that was foreshadowing that you'd be such a child advocate now?! I totally read all the BSC books too and may actually own the 1990s movie today... ;) I really liked the article too, and think its a good conversation piece among moms! It would be a little awkward to bring up to babysitters for me though!

  2. I relate so well because when we had Keri, there were no relatives within 5 hours (driving time back then to Chapel Hill). When she was two weeks old, we decided we had enough of no sleep and drove to my Mom's house. She still laughs at the thought of me standing at her door with Keri in my arms saying "here, you can have her for a while". HAHA! Yes, raising kids is the hardest job on earth......and doing so while working and going to school takes some real dedication and organization. But somehow, God gives moms the energy we need and His mercy every day to make it happen. I had to learn many years ago to "major on the majors" and let the little stuff go. It isn't important and won't be remembered anyway. Thanks for your honesty!

    1. Love your perspective Mama Hill! :) And I can totally see driving to my parents to hand off the kids sometimes... because I've done it! :)


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