Thanksgiving - NC

I'm SO BEHIND on documenting the McGee memories these days! Over Thanksgiving, Will and I took the kids up to my sister's house for Thanksgiving. It was a LONG LONG (did I say LONG) drive up there, but we made it around midnight on Tuesday night. We spent all day Wednesday hanging out with my parents, my brother JM and sister's family. It was very fun and low-key. My mom was in decorating overdrive as she worked her hospitality magic!

Thursday morning my other sister Rachel came with her little family, and my oldest sister Sarah took photo shoots of all of us! She took some great shots of my kids and I am so thankful for a photographer in the family! Having four of the five siblings together was such a blessing- we always laugh a lot and I'm thankful for my crazy siblings (but we missed Dan & Lindsey!).

The big kids were playing the Disney "Headbands" game and Israel joined in on the action

Around lunch my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents came over! It had been a long time since I'd been around extended family and many of them had never even met Israel. It was very special introducing my grandparents to Edith.

Thursday night my sisters and I went for a hilarious round of Black Friday shopping at Wal Mart. I bought wipes. Yep, no super deals for me but we needed extra wipes on our trip.

Friday morning we got up early and hit the road again back to Alabama. More on that in the next post! :)

It was great seeing my family and I was so thankful that the kids (for the most part) did great being out of their routine.