Textbook/ Daycare Fund (Baby & Home Goods Sale)

Sorry to be so absent on the blog lately. I've noticed several of the blogs I read have slowed down too. It's been nice to enjoy time with family and friends during the holidays. I thought I would be so much more productive on my school break, but my time has been invested in other places than cleaning or organizing! I HAVE done a little sewing, and I'm really hopeful that I can sell a few things to pay for my school books this semester! The tricky thing about being in grad school as a stay at home mom/ pastor's wife, is that it is very expensive! I really appreciate the sacrifices that my husband has made to make my grad school a reality. We will be putting both kids in daycare 2 days a week for me to go to work as an intern this semester. I really appreciate your prayers for that transition, starting next week!!!

Anyways, if you see something here that you would like to purchase to go towards my textbook/daycare fund, please comment below with your email. I appreciate the support.

**If you need something shipped it will be an additional $3**

Blue/Pink Minky Taggie $10 -three available

 Navy Paisley/ Orange Minky $10 - one available

Orange Dot/Navy Fleece Taggie $10 - two available (one sold to EE)

Multicolor Dot/ Orange Minky Taggie $10 -three available

Two Green Flag Burp Cloths $8-one set SOLD AMY

Two Africa Burp Cloths $10 -one set

 Two Fiesta Ruffle Burp Cloths $5- one set

Blue and green owl $10 - SOLD to J.R.

Orange and Blue Coasters $8 sold to EH

Black Dot and Hot Pink Coasters $8

 Pink Coasters $5 - three available
 Gray and Orange Coasters $5 - Three available

Yellow and Gray Coasters $8

White, Green & Gold Coasters $5  sold to EH

Black Dot & Light Blue Coasters (thin) -$5

THANK YOU for supporting our family! Please feel free to share this post. I may post on etsy but I am trying to avoid that! :)


  1. I would like one of the Orange Dot/Navy Fleece Taggie. Let me know how to pay and get my address to you for shipping :)

    1. Thanks Emily! I put you down, will email later!


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