UCP Telethon

I cannot explain how much the United Cerebral Palsy center in Anniston has supported us this last year. We currently receive 3 types of therapy: speech, occupational and physical every month, all for free. Additionally, UCP provides 2 free days of daycare for Israel, AND gives us respite vouchers. In addition to those things, the relationships that I have gained from Israel's therapists, case worker, and teachers are invaluable to me. They have cried with us and advocated for us as we have sought to meet Israel's needs and figure out how to make him thrive. They have let us borrow equipment to help Israel thrive and have given us instruction on how to help Israel. Having a child with special needs can be draining and expensive; this organization helps lighten the burden for families.

All this to say... UCP is raising money this weekend through their annual telethon. There are families like ours who need UCP's support. I seriously don't know where we would be without UCP and the services they have provided for us. It is seriously God's grace in our lives that this team of women have been involved in our lives. There are families who also rely on UCP to help instruct and support families children and adults who have special needs.

So, if you are in Alabama and you see UCP volunteers outside your local store or at a stoplight... please consider donating. This organization has blessed us and others and needs the community to rally behind them to continue doing what they do.

You can find out more about the telethon events and also donate online: http://www.ecaucp.org/