Israel 21 and 22 months

Israel is 22 months now! The last two months have been very incredible for our family, regarding this precious boy. He has just thrived at school as he moved into the toddler "Frog" room. There, he sleeps on a cot and spends the day doing crafts and playing with friends! He has figured out self-feeding by hand, and we are making a lot of progress with utensils! He has gone from using a sippy cup with handles to using one without handles, AND he figured out how to suck out of a straw! Huge milestones for our boy!!

He is so full of personality! He makes us laugh all the time with his silly faces. He LOVES his singing giraffe rocker and his lion right now. He still reaches for his toys with both arms when he wants something far away. He will pat the floor when he wants a toy that he has thrown out of reach and wants. It is nice that he has found SOME way to communicate with us, but I can't wait to hear words one day!

His least favorite things are when the car is put in park, when he's told "no" and when he wakes up from a nap sometimes and doesn't know what's going on. He is a sympathetic crier, so he cries whenever anyone else cries. At school he even cries when his peers get in time out. That will make things very interesting at home with a new sister!

My favorite thing is getting Israel out of his crib every day. He always snuggles so well after he wakes up! He wakes up singing every morning and still plays himself to sleep at night and before naps. It is adorable and I'm so thankful that he is so happy. 

So- this balloon picture has a funny story. Israel is always SO fussy at the grocery store with me. With Will or anyone else he is fine in a shopping cart- but he always tries to manipulate me at the store. I have to bring a cup and snacks and even show him Baby Einstein on my phone. He still manages to  pitch huge fits, with tears running down his face at the store. One day recently I was at the store with Israel and he was pitching a fit as usual, and the Winn Dixie worker offered to give him a free balloon to make him happy. This picture was the result! What a manipulator!

We are so thankful for such a precious son. There have been many times in the last month that I have just been overwhelmed by what a blessing he is. I feel so unworthy of such a blessing! God is so good to us.


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