Israel and Edith- First Impressions

I read a blog recently that talked about how the best thing you can give your child is a sibling, because it will teach them about sharing, enhance their development, and give them a lifelong companion. I am one of five kids in my family, and Will has two siblings. We knew that we wanted several kids and imagined that our kids would be best buddies.

In the days leading up to Edith's birth, Will and I had nervous anticipation for Israel's reaction to his new sister. We hoped he would transition well, but had low expectations because Israel is a sympathetic crier, hasn't had to share much, and doesn't like babies. We did not think that Israel would be one of those kids who lovingly kissed his baby sister (he only gives kisses to his toys right now- not even to us. Not kidding!).

When Israel first met his sister, he was not impressed. He was mad that I was occupied, and proceeded to cry real tears when his sister made any noises. He would get really mad when I was holding her, and would reach for me whenever I couldn't hold him. It really broke our hearts because we couldn't really explain to him what was going on. Everytime Edith made noises, we would talk to Israel about it even though we are not sure what all Israel understands! We would tell him that its okay when sister cries, and that she is okay.

The first week after we came home, Israel was constantly entertained by visitors and grandmas who made sure he was spoiled. He slowly became indifferent to Edith, after an initial period of jealousy. Now, he doesn't really care when Edith makes noises (although he still cries when she does occasionally). We try to meet Israel's needs quickly, and there are times when I have to choose which crying baby to console first. I typically go with Israel because his cries are much more difficult to hear and Edith will learn to adapt!

FYI this is very posed. Israel is standing on his own, but he is death gripping Edith's chair. He can't stand without support just yet.

It is certainly an adjustment for me to go from one baby to two. Israel is 22 months old, but is still very dependent. Because he is not walking or crawling, I have to carry him and his sister up and down the stairs a lot- and that has been hard on me physically. I am really stretched thin sometimes, and Israel has watched more television than I'm proud to admit. I think we all have Elmo memorized.

Edith is very sweet and loves watching Israel. I really look forward to what their relationship will look like in the coming months and years when they can interact together. I know that having kids 2 years apart will be a blessing in the future! I'm really thankful for the two incredible blessings that are my children. Having a second child has only increased our love for both Israel and Edith. We feel so blessed to have such precious kids.


  1. Wow, your story is so inspiring. I've been going to pregnancy counseling in Grand Junction CO because of an unplanned pregnancy. I know I can't raise a kid on my own at this point in my life, but I'd like it to go to a good family like yours. Thanks so much for sharing. You helped make my decision easy.

    1. Anne, thanks so much for checking in with us. It means a lot that people have taken the time to read about our story. Best of luck for you on your decisions ahead. We'll be praying for you.


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