Girl Friends

These days I have been really thankful for some girl friends that have been such a blessing to me. About 95% of my maternity clothes were borrowed from friends here, which met a need for us and I am just overwhelmed by their generosity in sharing them. One friend just gave me a bag full of nursing tanks to use!

This summer (and the last week) I have had several instances where Will has been out of town for various trips, and my friends have been so great to check on me, have meals with me, offer to help with Israel, etc. It has been grace in my life to have friends that truly care for us.

Finally, I am so thankful that I have friends that are vulnerable with me. I love having friends who have small children because there is no judgment when kids have meltdowns or act like babies/toddlers. We aren't trying to act like we are perfect parents or that our kids are flawless. I love and need that. I am so thankful for the women who are reminding me of the gospel and who give me grace to be the wife and mom that I should be.

I think it is healthy to stop and reflect on specific ways God has given grace to us in meeting our needs, and so I want to praise Him for the ladies that He has allowed me to be in community with. When we first moved to Jacksonville, I had some lonely months but I am thankful that there are some precious women I call friends here.

How about you--- how have you seen Biblical community played out in your life these days?