Weekend Snapshots

Last weekend was one of those really, really good ones. It started off with the news that our next baby was a girl, and we could finally call our sweet baby by name (Edith Joy!)- read about that here.

After our ultrasound, my parents stayed in town for a bit longer and we all took a walk in the sunshine and then ate some delicious Mexican food! It was so nice to spend time with my parents.

Will had a BUSY weekend full of teaching- he was on a panel at an apologetics event and then was the speaker for our church's Disciple Now retreat for the youth. He had a late night Friday night speaking back-to-back events. He also had to speak on Saturday morning and Saturday evening, AND preach on Sunday morning for our church. He's such a talented preacher!

Since Will was busy Friday night, I was able to catch up with my college friend Kari! She found out the gender of her baby on Thursday (a girl!) and it was so fun to celebrate our daughters and to chat in person. She even shared her pink flowers with me!

Saturday Israel, my friend Lindsey and I went to a large consignment sale in Oxford, AL and I had a mission: get lots of girl clothes for Edith! Now, don't start feeling sorry for Israel because that kid has more clothes than he could ever wear! After spending $78, I came home with 26 outfits for our sweet girl.

Will surprised me with Taco Bell for lunch. Now let me go ahead and admit that Taco Bell has been one of my favorite guilty pleasures of this pregnancy. I love it. I don't care if you think it's gross.

Saturday afternoon Israel and I headed to his friend's 2nd birthday party! It was at a bounce house and he had so much fun at the party!

We came home, Israel got a quick nap and then we headed to the university for our favorite school event- the International House Taster's Fair! Every year, the international students host an event where they provide an amazing dinner with a taste from every country. We were MOST excited that our friend Simret provided delicious Ethiopian food! It was a fun, free dinner with our awesome college students. Israel even wore his Ethiopian outfit!

Sunday Will preached an amazing sermon and after lunch, during Israel's nap, Will and I took a picnic blanket in the backyard and "read" aka took naps in the sunshine! It was so relaxing and reminded me of all of the times we would study on that picnic blanket while we dated! When Israel woke up, we went on a walk downtown and just soaked in the beautiful weather.

We're loving the spring!!


  1. What a great weekend! Score on the consignment sale!

  2. so fun! I love Israel's expression in the last picture!!! And I love all of your consignment sale finds! I need to find out if we have any good ones up here!

  3. I love your blog! My husband and I have been working with a child placement agency and we are expecting to have our first son within the next couple of weeks. Reading about your cute family makes me excited to start my own family. Thanks for letting us be a small part of your life!

  4. Congratulations!! It's been a while since I have visited your blog!


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