Back from the Break!

Thanks for being patient with me while I took the month of February off from blogging! It was honestly very freeing to not have to think about updating/writing. Also, I am sure I missed so much as I didn't check my blog reader very often at all (maybe 2-3 times during the entire month!). I hope that I get a chance to "catch up" but I honestly don't know if I will. I really enjoyed the month of decluttering my life a bit.

In addition to not being a part of the blog community for a month, I decided to delete all the fluff off my phone except for Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Gmail. Let me tell you how boring it was when I was stuck in the rocking chair with Israel and had nothing to entertain me with on my phone! It also showed me how much time I had wasted on my phone, because the first few days I noticed how habitually I grabbed my phone to look at stuff and soon realized there wasn't anything new to see.

Lesson learned? Taking a break is good. I am excited to share some fun things with you all in the coming days, but I think balance is such an important word for me. I need to make sure I'm balancing how much time I spend on the internet/phone and how much I spend interacting with real people in front of me!

Love you all, thanks for your patience!


  1. Love this friend. I don't have flat on my phone either and once you go without it for a while, you don't even miss it! Just talking to Matthew the other day about de-cluttering my brain too. Makes me wonder how much we miss hearing from the lord because of all of the noise in our lives.


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