The Sickness, Post-Adoption Report and a few other Randoms

1. Last week, our family had THE SICKNESS. It started with Will on Wednesday night around 11pm, and at 1am we heard Israel screaming from his crib, covered in throw up. Will was very sick himself, and we bathed Israel and calmed him down enough to finally get back to sleep. Thursday morning, Will still had a stomach bug of various sorts, and thankfully Israel was acting his normal, happy self for most of the day. During Israel's naptime, I managed to buy $60 worth of gatorade, Pedialyte, crackers, soups, etc. Why is getting sick so expensive? Will was in a comatose state and slept through the two Redbox movies I rented. That night, I was sitting on the couch when a sudden first-trimester flashback hit me, and I barely made it to the bathroom without throwing up everywhere! I joined in the sickness fun. Israel had some diarrhea, Will started to feel better, and I earned the most-sick award so I got to rest a bit while Will parented. It was really rough. Thankfully, Friday we were a more tired, but seemingly healthy version of ourselves and were sickness-free all around. Being sick as a family is not one of those bonding moments you dream of. To celebrate our recovery, we cashed in on a Cracker Barrel gift card Saturday night for the most delicious first-real-meal food ever.

2. Wednesday the 13th we had our last post-adoption report with our social worker! She was writing our 12 month report, and we are officially done with all paperwork for Israel's adoption. Every year on his birthday until he is 18 we will send in a small update to Ethiopia, but it will be much simpler than this. I'm thankful to be done!

3. A local church here in Jacksonville hosts a large consignment sale every season, and I was able to participate in consigning and volunteering this time. Israel didn't need that much, but it was nice to buy a few things for him and the new baby for FREE because of the money we made consigning! I'm planning on consigning again in the fall, although I'm going to do all of the prep work months in advance because it will happen right after baby #2 arrives.

4. Speaking of baby #2, we find out the gender TODAY (I'm 17.5 weeks, by the way). I'm really excited! My mom & dad drove in last night so they could watch Israel during our OB appointment. Last time, Will and I took Israel and we could barely hear the baby's heartbeat over Israel's singing/crying. Unfortunately, our appointment times seem to line up with his naptime so it wasn't the best timing to bring him. I'm thankful that our parents are willing to drive up and keep him for this exciting appointment!

5. I took Israel to tour his future daycare the other day. He will be going to daycare at his Early Intervention clinic 2 days a week starting in April. I'm really excited/nervous/scared/happy/everything. I'm really hoping that this will be a great step forward for Israel in a lot of ways. I'm excited about having 2 days to really work on schoolwork so that I don't have to be a distracted mama when I start classes soon. And I'm really hopeful that the time away will increase our bond and attachment, but allow Israel the freedom to make healthy relationships with peers and other adults too. 

6. Other important/ fun things on the horizon: seeing my sister and brother for my birthday in 2 weeks, registering for grad school classes (ahh!) in April, and a little beach vacation with our friends the Bratchers! Can't wait for Israel and Hewan to be reunited again!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Cannot wit to find out if baby 2 is a boy or a girl. I am feeling boy! And how fun that yall are all going to the beach together! Can't wait to see some adorable pics of Hewie and Israel!

  2. Can't wait to hear about how daycare goes at the UCP center!!!! :-)

  3. I've only skimmed through a couple entries but I love your story!
    Always so nice to see such a happy new family :]


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