Sixteen Months!

Israel turned 16 months on February 12... this post is a bit late!


You are 16 months old! It is hard to believe that you are getting so big. You are so much fun right now! We are absolutely delighted with you sweet boy.

You are still eating table foods and will eat anything we give you. We are trying to switch from bottles to sippy cup full time but we are letting you have your night time and nap time bottles still! You are still taking 2 naps, the first being very short and the afternoon being around 1.5-2 hours. There was a few weeks where you and I snuggled every day for the afternoon nap and although it just melted my heart, it spoiled you a bit too much! You started to regress with your sleep habits so your daddy said NO mama/Israel naps everyday! We still sneak them on occasion but not every day.

This month you have just become SO much more talkative. We still have no idea what all the babbling is that you're saying, but it is adorable and you love it when I talk back to you like we're having a conversation. You still love to sing and you have a pterodactyl yell whenever you're unhappy, so our house is pretty much a constant buzz of Israel noises.

You are so silly these days. We've definitely figured out some guaranteed giggle triggers, but you will sometimes just laugh to yourself while staring at a wall or rubbing your hand on your face. You're so funny!

This month we took another middle of the night trip to the Emergency Room because you were having some major stomach trouble, which led to the introduction of apple juice! Yes, I had been holding out on you but for good reason. Now, even with diluted apple juice you are so hyper and act so silly for like 2 hours after you have it! I don't really want to keep giving it to you everyday, but until you have normal bathroom episodes then we must.

Physical therapy has continued, although we skipped a few times this month due to sickness. You're getting so strong but things just haven't really progressed like we thought. We're still hopeful for you and we are going to work hard to keep doing your exercises at home.

Sweet boy, you are a joy to love. We go into your room each night after you've fallen asleep and just stare at you sleeping. Sometimes I pick you up and snuggle you for a few minutes because I love the way you just melt into my arms. We are so in love with you and so proud to be your parents.

Much love,