This week has a lot of BIG anniversaries for us!

First off, just a few days ago was our FOURTH wedding anniversary for me and Will! I am so thankful for four years of marriage! Each year has had its challenges, but I am so thankful for the journey we have had together. This last year was CERTAINLY the most eventful for us!

For our anniversary Will and I went to Chattanooga, TN, for one night. We left Israel with his grandparents and he did great! Meanwhile, Will and I enjoyed a VERY relaxing trip- with a trip to the movies, lots of eating, and a load of people watching thanks to a science fiction convention being held at the same hotel we stayed at. We didn't have the courage to sneak too many pictures but we did get this great one. Lots of costumed adults all weekend! It was wonderful and hilarious and a bit creepy.

In addition to our wedding anniversary, we are celebrating the anniversary of becoming a family of three! Last year on March 5, Will and I stood before the Ethiopian court and were told that our little boy was now a McGee. To read all about our first trip to Ethiopia, click here.

When we met Israel for the first time!

What a year it has been. With anniversaries come a lot of reflection, and even little Israel is dealing with the anniversary of our first meeting. It may be hard for those of you not in the adoption community to understand, but if you ARE in the adoption world, then you will fully understand that adoption is not without loss. The anniversary of adoption does not always trigger happy feelings in kids, and even little Israel has had some regression and hard times in the last few weeks due to what we believe is anniversary trauma. We were certainly educated about this by our agency and veteran adoptive parents, but ti see it flesh out in your own child is heartbreaking at times. We are reminded that it is a lifetime commitment to prove to Israel that we are his parents and that we will not abandon him.

As we have seen before, and as we are trusting now- we know that God is faithful. He has brought us through so much and He will continue to deliver us and to shape us through all of this. We are so thankful for our sweet boy, for the precious years we have spent together as a couple, and for the exciting years ahead. Let these anniversaries only represent what a faithful God we have.


  1. happy anniversary! so glad yall got a relaxing weekend away! And I'm so sorry you are going through traumaverasry stuff with Israel, it is so hard to watch!!!! Saying a little prayer for that precious boy right now!

  2. Happy Anniversary in so many ways.

  3. Happy Anniversary for all of the above. :) Love all the pics! Praying for Israel and for all as you work through his anniversary regression.


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