Seventeen Months!


Today you are 17 months old! Yikes, how are you this big? Next month you'll be halfway to your SECOND birthday, and I'm just not ready for that!

This month you have had a few milestones. Another tooth poked through so you have FOUR top teeth and TWO bottom teeth....six total! You are officially done with bottles and I am proud of how easy the transition was for you! You even stopped wanting milk right before bed in your sippy cup- you got to the point where you would just be so silly with it and spit it out, shake your cup to make it squirt, or let it drip down your cheeks when you smiled. Have I mentioned you are very silly?

You are babbling non stop these days! We still don't have any new words but you seem to know what you are saying to us. If I agree with you or just say "yeah, uh huh" while you talk, you just smile and keep going. Sometimes you will just sit and talk at us until we look at you and you finally get our attention!

You had a few big trips this month- one to North Carolina where you got to see your Buhler cousins and lots of aunts and uncles and your Nana and Papa. On this trip you received a new TV for the car and we introduced Elmo, as Mama couldn't handle the 6 hours of screaming that you were providing. Whatever works, right? You also stayed with your Gaga and Pops one night by yourself while your mom &dad went off to celebrate their anniversary. You did great for them, and you even got to spend time with Gran and Bowie!

This month we started OT and Speech therapy on top of physical therapy, and we learned lots of new things to do with you. You are already doing a great job at making choices, and you will choose which book you want or which cup you want (milk or juice). You've started to feed yourself the squirt pouches of pureed foods and it is really nice to just hand you a snack and watch you finish it! I'm so proud.

Son, we love you so much! You bring so much joy to us. It is hard to believe that this time last year, we were just coming home from our first trip to Ethiopia where we met you and fell in love with all the details about you. We are so thankful to be your parents. Even on the hard and fussy days, we wouldn't trade you for anything.

Much love,