Thirteen Months Old!

Dear Israel,

Today you are thirteen months old!

This month you finally met your great-grandparents, Grandma and Granddad Cagle. We took several quick trips this month: to Opelika twice, to Montgomery for a wedding, and to North Georgia for family vacation! You even visited the Auburn University campus two times during our trips! It was a lot of traveling and being out of your routine, but you handled it really well and you have continued to be the best baby ever!

You had a lot of doctor visits this month and it was hard on all of us! One new result is that you have glasses now! The moment we put them on your head, you lit up and just started clapping and smiling. It was so precious to see you finally have sight! You are farsighted and your glasses are absolutely adorable on you. You don't try to take them off unless they are twisted or have fallen down a bit (like when you're in the car seat or high chair). The other day you were wearing a plaid shirt and someone said you look just like your daddy now! I agree :).

We're still doing physical therapy, but we decided to cut back to one time per week at the office, and still having 2 times per month with the in-home PT. With your new eyesight, we have noticed that you are playing more with your toys and are even reaching out to get them when they are out of reach. You're also gaining a lot of strength in your muscles, and you are able to stand longer and will push up on your arms more. We started to go to nursery at church and you are enjoying your new friends! Mommy stays with you during nursery, and then you sleep in the Ergo during the service.

You are SO silly. You make the best faces and you love to laugh. Sometimes you will look in the mirror and just giggle. You also think it is hilarious when we drop something on purpose, or when your dad pretends to get hurt. You kick your legs SO much when you're in your high chair, and almost every meal you kick off your shoes because you do it so hard. When you're trying to get attention, you will dip your head low, peer over your glasses and stick out your tongue. It is hilarious. When you know someone has finally seen it, you will grin big and then continue to do it over again.

You have said "mama" and "dada" for a little while, but your really only say Mama when you're trying to get out of the crib or you're upset. You very consistently repeat "dada" back to your dad. You're also making a lot of other noises and sometimes I think you're really trying to communicate! You've never been a quiet kid, but I think you have become even more noisy lately. You're always making sounds.

Sleeping has continued to go well. There have been nights that you have slept for almost 12 hours! You have had some weird napping schedules lately, but this past week you slept for about 2 hours in the afternoon almost every day! I felt like I needed to keep checking on you to make sure you were ok, because you usually nap 35-45 minutes! We might be ready to lose the morning nap soon. We tried it one day and you took a really good afternoon nap. I will say, I miss you so much when you take your long naps! Although it is amazing what I can get done in 2 hours. When you're in the crib and you're not asleep yet (like naptimes when you haven't fallen asleep, or in the morning when we haven't gotten you out of bed), you will kick the mattress to make it shake, and you do it so hard that if we are downstairs the ceiling shakes! You have continued to use your new self-soothing skills to put yourself back to sleep at night and during your afternoon nap.

You are growing so much! You're still skinny but that is not for lack of eating! You will eat pretty much anything, but you still make faces if it is something new. You will hold food in your mouth when you don't know what it is and we have to convince you to swallow. You are drinking whole milk now and get three bottles a day. You drink water for snack time and at meals (no juice yet). We upgraded your car seat from the infant carrier to the bigger seat, and you're still facing backwards. We went to the fire department for them to install it, and you were such a ham for all of the firefighters.

This month we had a call with our AGCI post adoption coordinator, and she affirmed us with where we were regarding attachment. She said you were showing positive signs because you constantly check in with us, especially if there are new people around. Although you are an extrovert, you prefer to be in our arms and get upset if a stranger holds you. You make great eye contact and you are a great snuggler! You have now been with us six months! We are so thankful.

We are absolutely in love with you baby boy. We are so proud of you.