Home Six Months!

Six months ago we landed in the Atlanta airport with our son. We were so nervous and excited! Our crash course in parenting at the Riviera Hotel in Addis Ababa was nothing compared to "real life" but we were thankful that we already knew a few things about our son.

Here's a little list of things we've seen God do in the last six months:
  • Israel was a bobble head and now has excellent head control!
  • He couldn't sit up and would only be happy on his back- now he sits up!
  • He hated tummy time, it was a victory to do it for 5 minutes, and most of the time his head was on the floor; now he will look around and even enjoys it!
  • Israel had never had any baby food and was on soy formula. He transitioned to baby food and now table food; he went from "low lactose" formula to whole milk! 
  • Sometimes he now holds his bottle, and he drinks out of his sippy cup!
  • He used to gag over new foods, now he will eat things easily.
  • Israel would have gone to ANYONE in those first days. Now he really only happy as long as mom & dad are in sight, and he doesn't like it when strangers touch him. 
  • He was up in the middle of the night for HOURS at a time, and would scream and cry because he was upset. He continued to wake up several times a night for months, and now he practically sleeps through the night! 
  • The first month he ONLY napped in the Ergo carrier; now he still takes the occasional Ergo nap but he also naps in his crib!
  • He wouldn't put any pressure on his feet; now he stands with assistance!
  • He wouldn't grab, hold, or touch toys. Now he will reach for toys, bang on toys, and grip them! He even started to bang toys together!
  • He had a huge bald spot on the back of his very flat head; now his head is rounding out more and he only has one tiny bald patch. 
  • He sat in a carseat for the first time; now he has upgraded to a "big boy" carseat because he outgrew the infant carrier!
  • He's gained almost 5 pounds, and grown 4 inches. 
  • He has met all of his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (which is a BIG crew!). 
  • He has been through many tests (CT scan, lumbar puncture, visions and hearing screenings, numerous blood, urine, and stool samples). We're thankful for accessible health care!
  • He has been in physical therapy for 3 months.
  • He now has three teeth!

  • He has become increasingly louder and spunkier; his little personality continues to bloom and we definitely have an extrovert on our hands!

Israel- first night at home

Home six months!

We're so thankful for an amazing six months with our son. He has been a complete blessing to us we are thankful for all of the little miracles God has done in Israel's life. 


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