Church Nursery

For the past month, we have started to attend nursery during church. Originally I had planned to bring Israel to the nursery when he could walk, so that he wouldn't have to be held by any workers. But after many discussions with our pediatrician and therapists, we were encouraged to go ahead and begin so that Israel can have some social interaction and maybe learn from his peers.

Honestly, this has been a hard transition for me. I have stayed with Israel all three times we've gone (we missed one Sunday because we went to the other site of our multi-site church). I really like his teachers, and it is nice to see my friends' kiddos who are in the class with him. However, it is hard to see where Israel stands developmentally and not compare. I've had a few emotional moments in that classroom.

I think this is a good step for us, even though it is hard. I don't know when I ever would have been "ready" afterall. I think part of me figured I would just put him in nursery when the next baby needed to be strapped in the Ergo for church, haha (we're not expecting).

So for now, we're attending nursery together, then I take him with me to the second worship service. I end up putting him in the Ergo, where he falls asleep for a good bit (inevitably waking up before the service is over) and I do my best to participate in the worship. I'm thankful that people have been so gracious to me and no one has complained about his noises. (Sidenote: read a great blog about being a mom and going to church, read that here).

I'm also standing by my decision to keep Israel close. Although he's been home six months, I don't feel like now is the time to separate from him during his time at nursery. I know he would become upset (because the other day I was out of sight and he had a major breakdown!) and I don't want him to have to process his emotions without me yet. I want to be there for him when he's upset- after all that is what the whole cocooning and attachment process is about. It isn't a 3 month thing, its a lifetime commitment and right now my commitment to my son means that I'm sticking close to him. He's just a baby, and I have one shot to do this right.