Shout Out: Kautzi Family Update

The Kautzi family has an exciting update! Check it out: 
"Hello again!  Thanks to Will and Rebekah for featuring us again - we have some exciting changes in the works that we wanted to share with everyone!  We began our adoption paperwork for our Ethiopian adoption in June of 2011.  After more than a year pursuing our Ethiopian adoption, we found our circumstances changing as the wait for Ethiopia continued to get longer.  When we began our paperwork, the wait was 7-10 months.  By the time our paperwork was done the wait was 2 years, and then a month ago, our agency informed us that we should expect to wait FOUR years for a referral!  As our circumstances changed, we also felt our hearts opening to new things.    After much research and prayer, we have decided to begin the process of adopting a child with special needs from China concurrently with our Ethiopian adoption!  Our hope is to bring home our sweet Chinese baby as we continue to wait for our Ethiopian small one.  

Because of the nature of special needs adoptions, (ie, no wait for a referral) we will need to raise the funds needed to complete our adoption - around $30,000 - very quickly.  If I'm honest, we're a bit overwhelmed by this, but we know from experience that we serve a God who has a habit of making a way where there is no way!  Here's how you can help:

We currently have several fundraisers going on.  The first is a raffle to give away an American Girl Doll!  You can purchase a virtual raffle ticket through a PayPal button on our blog.  For $10, you get one ticket, for $25 you get three tickets!  Once the payment has been received, we will email you your virtual raffle ticket.  The raffle is open for the month of November ONLY.  Using, we will choose the winner on December 1st - perfect timing for Christmas!  If you win, we will contact you and you may choose which American Girl Doll you would like and we will have her shipped directly to your house!  For more information, please check out our blog!

The other fundraisers are on-going fundraisers.  We have t-shirts in several designs that were donated to us by friends who used to own a t-shirt business.  The tees are $15 each or 2 for $20.  They are printed on American Apparel tees so they are super soft and comfy. :)  We also have a puzzle for which you can sponsor a piece for $10 each.  We'll write your name on the back and send you a thank you with a photo of your sponsored piece.

Thanks for visiting our blog and considering being a part of how God makes a way for our sweet Chinese baby to come home!

Kelsey, Eric and Lila Kautzi"