Visa Application

Yesterday we took another thing off our check list... visa application!

It has been rumored that Ethiopia will no longer allow for visas to be given upon entry in Addis Ababa, and visitors need to pre-apply. There is no official start date for this new policy, but it was rumored to start by the end of April. When we thought we'd be traveling this week, we figured we would be able to coast in without worrying about it. (Plus we were trying to save money- getting visas in country only cost $20 each, but applying in the US costs over $300).

Since we may not travel for another week or two, we figured it would be wise to go ahead and send off our passports for our visas. We didn't want our visas to be what held us up whenever we got the green light to get our son!

I tell you... the paperwork NEVER ENDS!