Pediatrician Consult

Yesterday afternoon Will and I took our folder of information (referral paperwork, medical updates, and a picture-of course!) and headed to our local pediatrician. We wanted to meet with him before we brought our son home. We created a rough plan/timeline for his future care, which made me happy!

But the BEST part about our pediatrician consult was talking about Ethiopia... because our pediatrician is from Ethiopia! Dr. Ebba has a practice in Addis and one in Jacksonville, Alabama... how divine is that? We chatted about adoption, the beautiful country of Ethiopia, and we showed off the VERY FEW Amharic words we knew :).

I'm excited about having an Ethiopian man in Israel's life! And more excited about the thought of having my son HOME soon and getting him on the road to being healthy!


  1. How awesome! what are the chances of finding such a perfect fit for your pediatrician, wow, what a blessing!

  2. Hm, that plan you’re talking about here should always be updated as he grows older. I mean, your son will be a “child” for quite a long time, and the advice you get from your pediatrician will be of great help along the way. I’m glad that you found a pediatrician that perfectly understands your situation.
    Oskar Aarden


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