Embassy Interview Postponed

I had a post scheduled for today, petitioning your prayer for our embassy interview tomorrow. However, our embassy interview was postponed. We don't know the new interview date- I pray we find out what it is on Monday.

Please, pray for us, for Israel, for the embassy process. And don't ask me when we'll be back to get him- because that question hurts right now- as we don't know the answer.

This has been such a refining process for me. We have had SO MANY hurdles since getting our referral, and honestly I've thought "what else could happen?" in a sarcastic way- and now something else has happened. This is so hard. I am trying to think positive and to see a "bright" side of things. Even if this only adds a few days to our reunion timeline, those few days ACHE! Each night I long for my son. I ache to be the one who rocks him and cares for him. My heart feels broken and that there is a missing part of it in Ethiopia.

Please, Lord, be gracious to us!

*In respect for Israel's story, we're keeping the details of why our interview date was postponed private. Thanks for respecting that.


  1. I just read a quote on another blog that said, the Lord may delay his promises, but he will NEVER deny them.

    Be encouraged!

  2. Rebekah, Will, and Israel- We are praying for your embassy interview. Know you are not alone.



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