Please Pray Tonight!

Tomorrow, April 24th, is our embassy interview for our file in Ethiopia. Because of the time change, that will take place around midnight tonight -here in CST!

The interview will hopefully be the last piece of information that our case needs to clear us through the embassy process. We typically receive emails from the embassy around 7:30 am, so hopefully tomorrow morning we will get an email that says that we are CLEARED from the embassy! We are praying for that!

After embassy clearance, we will find out our travel dates! Hopefully we will know this on Tuesday or Wednesday! Our bags have been packed for a few weeks, so we are ready to go (with the exception of our visas... don't get me started, but hopefully we'll have our passports back before we need to go! Another thing to pray for!).

Thank you friends for walking beside us in this process. We have certainly felt the body of Christ in a specific way through this adoption. We are hopeful for the future and that our boy will be home very soon.


  1. I'm praying for y'all right now and will continue.

  2. I know your whole family is SO excited to know he will be home soon! I have enjoyed hearing the progress reports and look forward to one day meeting the lil' man.

  3. Praying that everything goes smoothly and that you will get clearance tomorrow and travel dates soon! And that your travel dates will be super soon because friend, I cannot wait for that little blessing to be in your arms forever!!!!! Of course, praying for the passport drama as well!


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