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My Etsy Shop is slowly being updated!! Keep checking back for new cute things.

Click the link here.

Oh, and why is everything $10, you say? Well, for one- it is just easier for me. Two- some people would consider donating $10 anyways (it seems like we can waste $10 easily) so why not get something cute for not a lot of money???

Also, I'm NOT doing custom orders right now. I have a very large custom order that I'm about to get started on (can't wait to show the results) so for now, if I'm making something and willing to sell it, check for it on the etsy shop. Thanks for understanding!!!

And other sewing- related news, I have officially started on baby bedding. And it is amazing. So fun, so cute. I will post pictures when it starts coming together.

THANK YOU for your support and encouragement. Knowing that each little project brings us closer to our baby means the world.


  1. Hey girl, when we get our referral...I HAVE to have one of those sock monkeys you had on facebook to send our little one! They are sooo cute!


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