Created For Care Recap

Yeah, I'm probably the last one to do a recap- sorry! Created for Care was such an amazing, amazing weekend. Very quickly into the weekend I was overwhelmed that 250 women were connected not just because of their heart for the orphan, but because of our belief in Christ and salvation in Him. It was amazing.

The speakers were rejuvenating, encouraging, informative, and hopeful. Even those that shared hard stories and gave realistic expectations of hard days ahead gave me hope that God's glory will result from those days. One person stated that God would not save our child from death & a life destined as an orphan, bring our child from across the world to our home (during trials, expenses, and paperwork chases) to NOT have a plan for his life. God has big things in store for these children that He has saved and appointed for our families. How relieving- I'm claiming that!

I feel like the Lord has been drilling in my head these last few months: I'm faithful, I'm faithful. I am in charge, it is going to work out. This is about me (Jesus) and I'm going to bring this about for my glory. The retreat gave me further evidence that HE IS FAITHFUL and I was so filled. It was an emotional weekend, for sure, and even as I have been listening to the sessions I missed during the retreat, I have cried at how good the Lord is and how I KNOW he will continue to be faithful to HIS purpose- whether that means a hard journey for us or not. (Remind me of this truth in a few months, ok?)

In addition to soaking up truth all weekend, I was SOOO encouraged by some amazing ladies. I didn't get to meet everyone I wanted to, nor do I get to spend as much time with some ladies I have been blogstalking following along, but there were some very special relationships formed!

The weekend began with a long drive to Georgia in a van full of ladies who are adopting. It was so fun, but I didn't snag a picture with our carpool group. I felt like I wanted to soak up everything Candy (veteran adoptive mama) said!

When we got there, my roommate Leigh and I grabbed dinner with Angela and we kept saying "I can't believe this!" because it felt so unreal to finally be there.

There was a HUGE crew of AGCI moms (80, I think?) and here are a few that sat near each other Saturday night:

Some other special ladies:

Courtney, myself, and Leigh - All adopting first!

1. Alison, she is just as precious in person as in her blog! 2. Makenzie- we had a very special prayer time, love this girl. Wished we lived closer! 3. Katie- hate we didn't get to spend more time together. We have so much in common! 4. Courtney- I could have spent the whole weekend chatting with her. 5. Mary Hull- she's just a few spots behind us on the waitlist, maybe we'll see each other again in Ethiopia??

So there is the recap (finally)- I'm still processing all that I learned and I'm so so thankful I had the opportunity to go!


  1. LOVED getting to meet you in Atlanta, Rebekah!! And you are just as PRECIOUS in person too! Wish we had gotten to hang out more!! :)

  2. I wish we could've spent the whole weekend chatting! I feel like we're kindred spirits :). Nice recap.

  3. Sounds like it was Amazing!! I'm so sad I missed such a great weekend!

  4. I had such a fun time with you Rebekah! I wish we got a picture of our mini-van group too! :) And I wish we had more time to hang out. By the way, don't feel too bad, I still haven't written my update. I feel like I can't summarize everything I learned/experienced.

  5. It was so GREAT to meet you too. I loved the retreat and getting to know so many adoptive mom's I've only know through blogs. Like you I am still soaking it all in!


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