February Numbers & Rejoicing with Friends!!

Well our official February numbers are not too much to celebrate about!! Here we are this month:

For girls, we are #43 (moved two spots)

And boys, we are #27 (moved NO spots!)

Although are numbers aren't much to get excited about, we have some friends that we are REJOICING with right now! First of all, Becca Harley, whom I met at the "Created for Care Retreat" in Atlanta, got their baby girl referral just a few days after the retreat! They had been sitting number one for a long time. AND our friends from church, the Forrests, finally got their referral yesterday after 63 DAYS of waiting at #1. They have a precious 7 month old boy who I am sure is worth every ache during those 63 days.

AND FINALLY I am so so soooo happy to announce the surprise referral of my dear friend, Leigh. Leigh is not only a blog friend and someone that I talk to on a daily basis, but my roommate from Created for Care. Last week she & her husband got the call for a 4 year old boy- it was a total surprise because they were #68 on the waitlist and just got on the list in December. I AM SO EXCITED! When she called me I couldn't help but cry, I felt like it was my own referral I was so excited! {The reason they got their referral when they were so high on the list is that there were NO families in front of them with the parameters that matched the child.}

It is such a privilege to walk beside these adoptive families in this journey of heartache, waiting, hope and joy. The Lord is so good! These stories confirm that we must trust in the Lord's timing, that HIS ways are perfect and that HE has the best interest of our children in mind.


  1. So excited for all these families! Yay for referrals going out! Praying your day is coming soon friend!

  2. Rejoicing with these families too! SO fun!!!


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