I'm on Etsy!

Guess what? There is a new way for you to support us, AND get something fun! Please check out our etsy shop! I have a lot of super cute things lined up to be in the store in the next few weeks, but we'll start with some fun coasters!

Hope you enjoy our shop! The store name is "craft4adoption" because that's the purpose of the shop- using my talents to bring home our sweet baby! 100% of the proceeds from the etsy site will go to our adoption fees.

Check it out HERE. 

(And if you're local or I'm going to meet you this weekend at C4C, I'll reimburse the shipping fees to you so you don't have to pay them, woo hoo!). 

AND- I don't usually "double post" in the same day, so please scroll down and check out the post about the FREE download of Adopted for Life!


  1. The coasters are super cute! I especially love the zebra!! Hope you get lots and lots of business!!

  2. What a GREAT idea! I'm praying that this is super successful for you guys. I know it will keep you busy, which will hopefully make the wait go quicker!

  3. Exciting! Congrats on opening your shop!


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