Attention Alabama Readers!!!

Those of you who live around Lee County have heard of Big House, but there is some GREAT news that affects ALL of Alabama! Here is an opportunity for you to reach out to children in Alabama who are in the foster care system and show them the love of Christ. 
First off- what is Big House?

"BigHouse, Inc. is a Christ-centered non-profit organization incorporated in February of 2009 designed to meet the needs of children in foster care. We are interested in providing opportunities and experiences of a "typical childhood" to children who so desperately need to be kids. Our goal is to show foster children that not only do people in their community care about their well being - they are loved unconditionally by a Heavenly Father.  We display this love in practical ways by building relationships with them through our programs and events. BigHouse was created because there is a lack of opportunity for those in the community to reach out and help children in foster care. We understand that not all people are called to be foster parents. But everyone is called to help children in foster care. Our mission is to connect the needs of foster families with the generosity of our community through the love of Jesus Christ. "

What are practical ways for you to get involved??

Swimsuit and Towel Drive 2011

What? A drive to collect NEW Swimsuits and New Beach Towels for Children in Foster Care across the state.

 When? Collections and monogramming will be held throughout the month of April across the state. The swimsuits will be packaged at our Packing Party on May 14th, and then sent to each county’s DHR for pick-up.  The Packing Party will be held at Trussville First United Methodist Church.

 Who? We will be serving our children in the state foster care system. For various reasons, these children have been placed temporarily with a foster family until a return to their family or an adoption is possible. 

 Why? In Alabama, Foster Parents receive $8-$14 a day to provide food, shelter, school supplies, hygiene products, clothes, toys, entertainment, and transportation to meetings, therapy sessions, and parental visits. The stipend they receive simply does not cover everything. One simple, basic necessity we feel every child should have is a new swimsuit; a new beach towel with their name monogrammed on it is a cherry on top! This is not much, but it is a small gesture to show these children someone cares about them, is thinking of them, and that because God loved us first, we are sharing His love with them.

 How? We need YOU to help us make our goal of collecting 6,000 swimsuits and towels a reality. Your church can serve as a donation site, your family can donate items, your friends can collect money and make a monetary donation, etc.

Simply purchase a swimsuit or beach towel or both, and take them to a designated drop off station. If you would like to make a monetary donation online, please go here. For $25, you can provide a swimsuit and towel to a child in Alabama. If you know a person or a company who can monogram towels, please contact us. If you would like to find out more about becoming a regional coordinator or to see a list and find your area contact, please go here.  

BigHouse Foundation
(334) 363-2634

Please consider supporting this program and blessing foster children who so often don't have much to call their "own"- if you are an Alabama resident please contact BigHouse to get involved. I believe they still need regional coordinators to help get the swimsuits & towels to the kids. 
They also need sponsors. This can be monetary donations or businesses that can assist in advertising, t-shirts, transportation, printing, donations of suits, towels, or gift cards, monogramming, feeding volunteers the day of our sorting, etc. They are open to the possibilities of partnering with many different types of businesses!


  1. Done! Thanks for the info. After two foster care meetings, we are totally on board the train. I never knew there was such a HUGE need for some orphan-loving families in Alabama!


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