FUN things! (including Giveaway Winner!)

1. Remember our Orphan Care Ministry at our church? Well we had a ladies' night last night and it was wonderful! There were ladies in the adoption/fostering process, mommas of grown and young adopted/fostered children, and some just considering the processes now. It was encouraging and so fun. I can't wait for the next Orphan Care event on December 14- "Funding Your Adoption" at Summit Church at 7 pm in Durham :)

2. You people are SUPER creative! I loved reading the comments on this post about handmade gift options. If you haven't already, check out the comment section on some awesome ideas for Christmas gifts! Even my sister, who claims that she isn't crafty, could totally learn how to make something off that list (ahem, Sarah!).

3. We are good at keeping secrets. And those secrets include people who are way close to getting started in the adoption process. And if you're worried I'm hinting about your family, don't worry, because I'm hinting about several families. Praise God!

4. TONIGHT at the Falls Lake Chick Fil-A on Falls of the Neuse Rd in Raleigh, from 5-8, is a fundraising event for our friends who are adopting from Rwanda. We'll be there with our small group at 6:30. If you're local, come on out- even if you don't know the Allisons! It will be fun! (Check out their blog for details).

5. Africa Totes- I want to do a giveaway every day, wouldn't that be fun? I would love to give everybody a tote, but I can't because we are sold out of totes (if you have already talked to me about buying a tote you're safe!)! Amazing, huh? We're working on getting them restocked and ready. We're also going to get more sock monkeys because those are all gone too, and I've gotten several requests for them! I'll let you know when we're ready to sell- look out for a "Buy Handmade" tab up top when things are stocked!

Ok, ok, you're ready for the winner right? generated the winner - and it was #9, Heather! 
Blogger Heather said...
I'd love a tote. My craft idea is to buy styrofoam balls, using a butter knife, stuff the edges of quilt squares into the ball and in the end it looks like a quilted Christmas ornament. You can stuff a piece of ribbon into the top w/ a pin and then hang it from the ribbon. Make sense?It's easy and cheap!
November 8, 2010 12:34 PM
Thanks everyone for participating in our tote giveaway. I plan to do another one SOON because this was just too fun!


  1. those ARE fun things! and SO glad you're sold out of totes! congrats to heather!!!


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