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November is a phone call update month at our agency (AGCI alternates between a phone call & email each month to stay in touch with waiting families) but we just got our call last night. Our case manager, B, has been super busy referring babies and then the follow up process with those families. I certainly don't mind more babies coming home instead of my monthly call :)

It was great catching up with B, and we talked a little bit more about one of the AGCI updates we recently received. Almaz, the Hannah's Hope director (orphanage where our baby will be) has been traveling throughout Ethiopia to different regions to begin establishing relationships with government orphanages. These orphanages are where babies are brought if a family cannot care for their child.Then, the orphanages work with placing agencies (like AGCI) and some of the children move on to placing agency orphanages (like Hannah's Hope). It is exciting to see how AGCI can make a bigger impact in Ethiopia- one of our favorite things about AGCI is that it has a strong focus on in-country orphan care, and these new relationships with the government orphanages can be a very positive thing for those orphanages. Families who bring home babies from HH bring donations of clothing, formula, toys, etc, and often these items get passed to the government orphanages. Who knows, maybe our baby will come from one of these orphanages before getting placed at HH!

Other than our fingerprints a few weeks ago, there isn't really anything to report on our end. We're just waiting- for the FDL and once we have that, waiting until our referral. God has been so faithful to us during this exciting process and we are thankful to have this season of waiting! This time last year we had no clue that this journey was going to unfold. This thanksgiving we will be praising God for his continued faithfulness and sovereignty over our lives and our family. And I secretly hope that this will be our last holiday season without a little one in tow.


  1. Wow! I have really enjoyed reading your blog! Sounds like we have much in common. We are adopting with AGCI too! We are number 36 for a boy in November and not too far behind you guys! I loved reading your adoption story! We also choose adoption first (or I should say God did:). I can totally relate to your comment about hoping that by the next holiday season you will have a little one in tow...Thanksgiving was difficult for me as I saw my friends enjoy their children. I know that this will all be worth the wait! I am so excited for us!

  2. We discussed being thankful for another little one home next year!! Sounds like AGCI is an awesome agency that truly cares for the children in need. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday--looking forward to celebrating the season of Advent.


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