Last Minute Details

I decided to make some last minute additions to my inventory: 
More flat coasters ($4/set, lots of each kind) and Africa bags! (thanks MIL for sending me them!). 

So, will I see you there tomorrow? 
It is from 9-3 at the Ledford Center Gymnasium (upstairs) at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. There are directions up top on my blog that you can click on. 
It is a really, really cool event. There are super neat things to buy for Christmas gifts or treats! Last year we were able to knock off several things on our Christmas list. 

Hope to see you tomorrow, and if you can't stop by- pray for us that it goes well! We hope at the very least that our adoptive mama group will be able to encourage other people and spread the word about adopting now.


  1. I so hope it goes well!!! The Ledford Center was like a second home to me during middle school :-)

  2. Rebekah, everything looks amazing! I was hoping to come out, but a co-worker has a sick kid so I said I'd work for her. I hope it went better than anyone expected!

    And I'd love to get a couple of those Africa bags too!


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